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Bucas Anniversary Turnout Rug


Available to order with 1 week delivery.

The Anniversary Range offers superb variety to the Bucas range of turnout rugs, with a great selection of insulations and linings, all with the quality you would expect from Bucas.

The Anniversary Turnout has a 600d ripstop outer, T-bar with Snap-lock magnetic front closures and comes with a great selection of insulations and linings.

Available with Stay-dry (SD) lining or 150g insulation and Silk-feel (SF) with 50g or 200g insulation.

The Stay-dry lining helps wick the moisture from your horse skin and so works like a cooler rug helping to dry your horse faster.

The Silk-feel lining is smooth against your horse’s skin and helps keep the coat in good condition.

Available in:

  • 430 Anniversary Turnout Light Stay-dry (SD)
  • 431 Anniversary Turnout 150 Stay-dry (SD)
  • 432 Anniversary Turnout Silk-Feel 50 (SF)

Lining & Fill

  • Anniversary Turnout Light Stay-dry – Stay-dry Fleece Lining
  • Anniversary Turnout 150 Stay-dry – Stay-dry Fleece Lining & 150g Thermobonded Polyester wadding
  • Anniversary Turnout Silk-Feel 50 – Silk-feel Lining & 50g Thermobonded Polyester wadding

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