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Cavalor Bronchix Pure All-In-One 1kg


  • Supplement to support and cleanse the deep respiratory tract
  • Soothes and clears the airways
  • Reduces irritation and improves long-term resistance
  • Soothes persistent and deep-seated coughs

 Cavalor Bronchix Pure supports and cleanses the airways. It soothes and increases natural resistance long-term.

Cavalor Bronchix Pure soothes and clears the airways. It also thoroughly and deeply cleanses the lungs and increases natural resistance. With a 100% natural formula based on herbs known to help the lungs, the airways, and the immune system.

Did you know?

Irritated airways and lung problems can have many causes, including dusty environments, common colds, bacterial and/or viral infections, or asthma.

The body’s natural response is to cough and/or produce mucus to remove the irritation as quickly as possible.

This may be merely a short-term annoyance, but if respiratory problems are not given sufficient attention they can become chronic problems.

And that can have very negative impacts on the condition and vitality of your horse. It is very important to resolve these issues thoroughly to avoid latent respiratory problems.

Ingredients - 

Cavalor Bronchix Pure is a complex blend of herbs and plant extracts for a complete approach to lung and respiratory problems.

Herbs such as Petroselinum sativum and Foeniculum vulgare loosen mucus and clear the airways to make breathing easier. Glychirrhiza glabra has well-known anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system, while Urtica dioica lessens allergic responses from irritation.

Reducing irritation, clearing both the upper and lower airways and strengthening the natural resistance leads to faster and better recovery.

How to use?

Administer 50 g per day over 40 days. 1 measuring scoop = 10 g. Maximum amount per horse per day = 120 g