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Cavalor Calm Supplement


  • Powder with soothing and relaxing effects
  • Helps to maintain composure and concentration and to reduce environmental stress
  • With magnesium, tryptophan & herbs for a calmer horse
  • For introverted and distrustful young horses

Cavalor Calm reduces stress in nervous horses that have hypersensitive and timid reactions to changing situations or unusual circumstances (transport, noises, colours, lights, commotion, unfamiliar environments, people and animals).

Horses that perform well in training may be less attentive in competitions or may withdraw from stress caused by transport, other horses, or environmental pressure, causing performance to suffer.

Cavalor Calm is developed for young, introverted, fussy horses and showy stallions. It helps the horse to maintain composure and concentration. Stress not only affects performance, it also affects a horse’s general well-being and can make it difficult to maintain condition.

Did you know?

Exercise and good nutrition help us to stay calm in stressful situations. Just like people, horses get nervous too. Some horses are more susceptible than others, based on their breeding or rearing, for example.

Not all tension is bad. Horses and humans both need a certain amount of tension to perform to the best of their abilities, but constant pressure or stress increases the likelihood of health problems.

Ensure that your horse gets adequate exercise and has a pleasant stable environment and a healthy diet. Nutrition can have an enormous influence on equine nervousness and behavior.

Ingredients - 

Magnesium sulphate and magnesium acetate: good, absorbable sources of magnesium. Magnesium helps to relax muscles. L-Tryptophan: tryptophan stimulates serotonin, an anti-stress hormone that the body produces naturally.

Vitamins B1, B6 and B12: B-vitamins play an important role in nervous system function. In certain amounts, these vitamins deliver a calming effect. Cavalor Calmix: calming herbal mix containing linden.

How to use?

If your horse is generally a bit nervous but more so at competitions, try Cavalor Calm at home and switch to Cavalor SoZen and Cavalor Take It Easy (Forte) at shows.

Recommended use of Cavalor Calm: Horses and ponies: 45 g/day. 1 measuring scoop = 15 g –
Maximum/day = 100 g