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Cavalor Colostra 24 - 100g


  • Milk powder with primary source of antibodies (colostrum) for feeding shortly after the birth of the foal
  • Administer within 24 hours after birth
  • Provides your foal with vital antibodies
  • Primary source of antibodies immediately after birth

Cavalor Colostra provides newborn foals with vital colostrum when the mare is unable to produce it, or enough of it.

Foals are born without antibodies and must receive these from the mare’s first milk within the first 24 hours of life.

If the foal receives little to no first milk, for whatever the reason, compensation is absolutely essential. Cavalor Colostra raises the level of immunoglobulins in the blood.

It gives the foal better defences against germs such as viruses and bacteria during its first week of life. A strong start is essential for a foal’s healthy growth and development.

Did you know?

In mammals, including in horses, the embryo receives (almost) no antibodies via the placenta during gestation. This means that foals must receive antibodies from quality colostrum during the first hours after birth to build up their immunity.

The absorption of antibodies from colostrum is highest within the first 6 to 8 hours after birth. After 24 hours, the foal can no longer absorb antibodies through colostrum.

Orphaned foals, but also foals from mares with little, no, or insufficient quality colostrum, can develop immunoglobulin deficiencies. Horses with immunoglobulin deficiencies are at higher risk of developing infectious diseases, including diarrhoea.

Ingredients - 

Cavalor Colostra contains natural substances (freeze-dried colostrum) that are essential for healthy growth in foals. Cavalor Colostra is safe for all foals and contains at least 30% immunoglobulins.

How to use?

Add the contents of 1 package (100 g) of Cavalor Colostra to 0.2 L Cavalor Hyppolac or water. Stir the powder well until it is completely dissolved. Feed Cavalor Colostra using a bottle and nipple.

Caution: do not heat in a microwave, as this will destroy the immunoglobulins.

If the foal receives no colostrum from the mare: Feed the foal Cavalor Colostra within the first 6 hours after birth and again after 12–16 hours.

If the foal receives too little colostrum from the mare: Feed the foal Cavalor Colostra within the first 24 hours after birth.