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Cavalor Digest Aid 800g


  • Supplement to promote healthy gut flora
  • Ideal for horses with sensitive intestinal tracts
  • Helps prevent diarrhoea and keeps microtoxins out of the gut
  • For horses with sensitive intestinal tracts

Intestinal conditioner for a healthy and consistent bowel. Contains activated charcoal combined with prebiotics and probiotics. Cavalor Digest Aid helps horses with watery stool from mycotoxins in the intestinal tract.

These mycotoxins can enter the intestine through feed – for example, hay or silage that has been badly stored. Cavalor Digest will bind mycotoxins and remove them from the gut with the faeces.

Cavalor Digest also helps to promote good gut health.

Did you know?

A horse’s faecal balls should be smooth, not too dry, and not too wet. When a horse has diarrhoea, a higher moisture content will make the faeces wetter and flatter. Another form of diarrhoea is watery stool, which often causes splattered stool water on the horse’s buttocks and tail. Nutrients and fluids are absorbed in the hindgut.

The amount absorbed depends on the speed of passage and the quality of the intestinal wall. If food passes too quickly, there won’t be enough time for nutrients to be absorbed. This may be brought on by stress (for example from transport), a change of feed which disrupts the gut flora, or dental problems preventing the horse from chewing his feed adequately.

Ingredients - 

  • Enzymes (amylase, lipase, protease)
  • Yeast cultures
  • Activated charcoal
  • Clay minerals – zeolites
  • Herbs: Oregano, aniseed, mint, and cumin
  • Methionine
  • Choline chloride

How to use?

Horses: 45 g per day / Ponies: 30 g per day• Maximum: 75 g per day. Mix in with the daily feed for a minimum of 4 weeks, maximum 8 weeks. Repeat if necessary.

Since some ingredients do not bind mycotoxins, this product is not suitable for long term use. Cavalor Digest Aid is not recommended for more than 8 weeks of continuous use.