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Seaver SAFEFIT Airbag Vests - Unisex Black


A comfortable, yet sleek design providing the highest levels of upper body protection to vital areas in the event of a fall.

Inflated by a CO2 cannister, which sits securely within the front of the vest that activates an inflation within the jacket in the unlikely event of a rider dismount.  The canister is activated when there is a release from the lanyard that connects rider and saddle.

The canister inflates the vest at an astounding speed of between 0.09 to 0.17 seconds, giving optimum protection to the back, lumbar area, neck, cervical spine, rig cage, pelvis and sacrum before impact.

Once the vest has been activated, the canister can once again be easily replaced so that the vest can be used again. The vest must be used with a canister, replacement canisters are available separately alongside replacement lanyards.

Constructed from weatherproof stretch fabric, the mesh panels allow for optimum freedom of movement and only weighing around 600g (for a medium size) this allows you to ride comfortably, whether you are hacking, schooling or jumping.

The SAFEFIT airbag waistcoat has the new NF S72-800:2021 standard, which is the only standard for the certification of riding airbags, and is CE certified, issued by the independent laboratory ALIENOR CERTIFICATION.

In order to ensure maximum protection for riders and to avoid serious injuries, SAFEFIT has been subjected to numerous tests by the independent laboratory ALIÉNOR CERTIFICATION. SAFEFIT has therefore been awarded the new NF certification (S72-800:2021) and the CE mark in accordance with the European directive 89/686/EEC of 21/12/1986. This standard is the result of the work of a group of European experts who, over a period of 4 years, designed the first and only standard governing the manufacture of horse riding airbags (Personal Protective Equipment - PPE). It guarantees increased protection for the rider according to criteria such as the protected surface, the inflation speed and the impact resistance. SAFEFIT protects you from mechanical shocks, hyper flexion and hyperextension of the trunk and spine. It is the best possible compromise between protection, comfort and ergonomic requirements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emma palin
Seaver SAFEFIT air vest

We recently purchased a Seaver air vest for my daughter and we are really happy with it and definitely recommend anyone looking for an air vest to invest in one ! The service we had from Rookery Equine Emporium was fantastic. We ordered it online and they had it ready for me to pick up straight away. Excellent service thank you 😊

Lyndsay Beresford
Seaver airbag vest

Ordered online and it fits perfect as per the size guide. Feels so light and comfortable and close fit. Nothing too bulky!
Great service from Rookery equine emporium too!