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Veredus TRC Vento Brushing Boots Hind STS


The Veredus TRC Vento STS Brushing Boots for the hind legs provide a combination of protection and ventilation with the benefit of a faux sheepskin lining.

Designed for everyday training, these brushing boots have a protective yet flexible polyurethane shell. The double ventilation system uses air inlets and mesh fabric to channel heat away from your horse's legs to the outside of the boots, helping to keep the tendons cool.

The techno sheepskin is a man-made fabric, designed to offer many advantages over real sheepskin:

  • It is easier to wash and dries quickly.
  • It has a loose, soft, wide knit, so trapped sand is released easily. This minimises the risk of rubs or abrasions on the horse's legs.
  • It is more comfortable and provides a closer fit.
  • It stays looking good for longer than real lambskin, which can become yellow, dry and stiff over time.

They are secured with a double Velcro closure.

The Veredus TRC Vento STS Brushing Boots Rear High are available in Black or Brown, in Medium (Full) or Large (Extra Full).