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Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Fetlock Boots


The Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Save The Sheep boot is the first cannon bone protector to guarantee double ventillation. The techno "sheepskin" lining is free from any animal derivatives. It has numerous advantages:
  • Easy washed & dries quickly, while real lambskin requires considerable, lengthy maintenance
  • Trapped sand comes out easily of the loose, soft wide knit, minimises potential abrasions to the skin
  • more comfortable fit than real lambskin
  • Stays looking good for longer than lambskin

With the Carbon Gel Vento design, heat released from the horse’s leg passes through the microperforated neoprene layer is distributed in the 3D mesh ducted fabric. Fresh air enters through the air inlet as a result of the animal’s movement and directs the heat accumulated in the ducted fabric upwards to the outlet grille. Ventilation is therefore horizontal and vertical.

  • Double ventilation
  • 3D mesh ducted fabric
  • Microperforated neoprene AEROX
  • Tendon protection in carbon + nitrexgel
  • Quick-release tip
  • Anatomically-shaped shell